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By The Whippet, Jun 16 2018 02:15PM

Is this the end of the high street as we know it? The UK has seen many high profile names leave its once loved high streets. The latest headline is House of Fraser. 31 out of its 59 stores in the UK and Ireland are closing by next January. But is this a symptom in common with the other stores that closed or is it a specific case? The British department store was the bastion of the high street for decades. Selling everything from designer fashion, to housewares, to luggage, and even a cup of tea, they were the one-stop-shop for everything you might need for your home and lifestyle. You can read more in our full story under ‘Fashion’.

By The Whippet, May 10 2018 03:51PM

Rolls-Royce has just announced the new Cullinan. Its first SUV and hatchback from the factory. Is it a step too far for the presticous brand made famous for luxury saloons and coupes? Certainly at WA, it is a bold move and one that RR could no longer be away from the party on. The stylng is about as aerodynamic and sweeping as a country mansion. Subtle this is not. And to remind the owner who has paid the very best part of $1/2m for it, there are countless Spirits of Ecstasy throughout the design. The winged lady literally adorns every nook and cranny of the Culinan's interior and even appears in the rear lights externally. This, they want you to know is a Rolls Royce. BMW has made it undeniably evident that you are sitting in the most expensive SUVs of them all. Our only issue is that the designers stressed so much trying to make it stately and British that they accidentally aped a very British icon. The London Taxi.

By The Whippet, May 9 2018 04:11PM

The Met Ball came and went. The calendar's most fashionable of fashion events saw A listers, Celebrities, IT girls and fashion/music/arts creators showing off their fashion prowess in an orgasm of opulence and power gowns. "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" featured heavily in the choices of many of those graced with an invite and the appreciation of fashion houses such as Gucci, Versace, LV and Margiela. It was a riot of intricate beading, stained glass motifs and Papal headdresses. If hedonism was a Religious motif, then this was its symbolism.

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