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By The Whippet, Aug 15 2018 07:00AM

In the world of Chinese copies and label 'knock offs' it still makes us chuckle when we see something that is so spectacularly wrong, you have to think is the creator of the fake actually playing a game with us? Such are these two examples of Supreme and Nike. Both labels are used to copies of their well marketed and promoted logos. Supreme even has it’s own ‘authorised fakes’ store. Recently Gucci has released T-Shirts with Guccy emblazoned across in a bid to OWN the fakers. It's always a cat and mouse game, but when the irony is done with such joie de vivre, it’s a joy to watch.

By The Whippet, May 9 2018 04:11PM

The Met Ball came and went. The calendar's most fashionable of fashion events saw A listers, Celebrities, IT girls and fashion/music/arts creators showing off their fashion prowess in an orgasm of opulence and power gowns. "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" featured heavily in the choices of many of those graced with an invite and the appreciation of fashion houses such as Gucci, Versace, LV and Margiela. It was a riot of intricate beading, stained glass motifs and Papal headdresses. If hedonism was a Religious motif, then this was its symbolism.

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