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By The Whippet, Mar 28 2019 11:54AM

We are in love with these white Birkenstock Edition Super Birki Clogs by 032c for this Summer. "According to its cover, the Berlin-based biannual magazine 032c operates as a “manual for freedom, research, and creativity.” Consistent with the flaming red that its namesake color represents in the Pantone Matching System, the magazine founded by creative director Joerg Koch takes a bold and unapologetic approach in its engagement with cutting-edge culture." Other collaborations in the collection include Gosha Rubchinskiy, Alyx, and Cali Thornhill DeWitt. With a cast list like that, we are in good hands. Available on SSense.

By The Whippet, Aug 15 2018 07:00AM

In the world of Chinese copies and label 'knock offs' it still makes us chuckle when we see something that is so spectacularly wrong, you have to think is the creator of the fake actually playing a game with us? Such are these two examples of Supreme and Nike. Both labels are used to copies of their well marketed and promoted logos. Supreme even has it’s own ‘authorised fakes’ store. Recently Gucci has released T-Shirts with Guccy emblazoned across in a bid to OWN the fakers. It's always a cat and mouse game, but when the irony is done with such joie de vivre, it’s a joy to watch.

By The Whippet, Aug 13 2018 06:39PM

It's quite amazing, what you find when flicking through old editions of fashion glossies like Vogue for research on articles. Jean-Paul Gaultier's images for his SS98 campaign based on the themes and works of Frida Kahlo stopped us in our tracks. The styling, the colours, the creativity could be ripped from one of Gucci or Dior's 2018 campaigns. Such is the crispness of form, subtlety of colour (in the garments) contradicted by the vibrancy of the Mexican motifs. Somehow, this seems more current than many of the collections seen in Milan or Paris this year. It also contains themes that many current designers, established and fledgling, have regurgitated time and time again for their own collections. Mexican roses, double layer garments in complementary colours and contrasting textures, S&M inspired bodices with romantically medieval dresses and skirts, the depiction of Jesus in a contemporary manner, bleeding hearts and hearts entwined with bloody thorns. It is all there, like a secret reference ‘paint by numbers’ instruction kit on how to create 'stunning' collections. So thank you JPG for inspiring the less creative and talented fool us all for 2 decades.

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