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Who is the Devil Inside?

We Explore Yes Master's latest collection.

Yes Master’s latest collection explores the “Devil Inside”, an apt name for a personal journey through femininity and identity. These have long been key themes for Yes Master dallying with metamorphosis and a style that bridges masculinity and the modern feminine aesthetic. Often the collections are heterogeneous, and “Devil Inside” is no different.


French couture lace from Solstiss, Italian hand embroideries and silk applique butterflies sit side by side with strapping, faux leather and bondage overtones. It poses some difficult questions both aesthetically and culturally.


What creates such a diversity, almost bi-polar character to the collection? This isn’t a case of candy shop, ‘wanting your cake and eat it’ selection where everything is thrown at the collections. This is much more considered, with a lightness at times that seems ethereal and fairytale like. The acres of hand embroidered French lace could almost appear to be overkill, but the gentle, soft sculpting snaps the garment into a contemporary piece of couture and not costume.

































It is the detailing like the fine band of sequins for straps or the body sculpting underneath that sets this collection and the label apart. You really can imagine the same woman possessing both sides of the collection. The seduction meets the temptress.


Yes Master says that the use of fabrics and laces “create fashion heirlooms of our modern times.” We would be tempted to agree.



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