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Noblesse Oblige

Creating a clean, trend focussed website to match

When a brand wants to create a web page, that all-important first impression is everything. For Noblesse Oblige, the up-and-coming lingerie and resort brand that is currently taking Europe and Far East Asia by storm, the brief was simple. We actually mean really ‘SIMPLE’. Clean graphics, design and functionality were the key drivers for this fashion boudoir’s website. Naturally WA were on the case to create something that provided the visitor with a brand experience to match the garments.


























The brand was blessed with strong visuals and a contemporary, youthful design mantra. So translating this to something that the final customer could relate to was the primary challenge. Websites increasingly are becoming the first point of call for any brand. This means they must relate to the die-hard fanboi (or girl) and the uninitiated.


The design is strikingly simple, relying on the clean, trend focused product to sell the brand rather than an all singing all dancing website full of gimmicks. Too often in our information overloaded, time poor and impatient lives we are bombarded with unnecessary messages and complications that add stress to what we believe to be simple tasks. Visiting a brand’s website to see their latest collection is one.


The Facebook post or Instagram image is the calling card, the website is as close to being in the physical store as possible online. From the moment you arrive, the site is presenting you with the key brand message and inviting you to go inside. “NOBLESSE OBLIGE is a refreshing take on boudoir lingerie”.





























Some brands take you on a dizzying array of shapes, styles, intrinsic and sometimes irrelevant information about a particular piece or their internal brand definition. What we wanted to create with the ‘Nobby’ site was a user experience that gave you a visual glimpse of exactly what the brand, lifestytle leitmotif and anthology were about.




To see for yourself, visit: noblessseobligelingerie.com.



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